Following the drive behind Gamania’s “Love to play” spirit, Gamania opened the doors to their US office back in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since. Located in the beautiful sunny Southern California, the US Gamania office is just a hop, skip and a jump from Disneyland, neighbors with the Pacific Ocean, and shares the same colorful sunsets as Los Angeles.

Wanting to share their passion for online games with the North American market, GUS first launched with Hero:108 by bringing life to the characters from Cartoon Network and Beanfun’s collaborative animation.

Then in 2011, Gamania followed up Hero:108 with its whimsical and zodiac driven MMORPG titled Lucent Heart. Allowing players to dance the Caramelldansen or even create their own dances to share with others is just one of the many things that make this game so great.

However this wasn’t enough for this Gamnia branch and they quickly decided to bring more fun and exciting games to their gamers. After Lucent Heart came Web Koihime Musou, a browser-based strategy game based off of a popular anime called Koihime Musou was introduced on the site in 2012. This game was the first of its kind for this audience, and is paving the way for more unique titles to come in the future.

Following Web Koihime Musou, Gamania introduced the charming and lore-driven MMORPG titled Divina, where players immerse themselves in a land filled with mystery, mythological lore, and adventure.


While the US branch may be miles and miles of ocean away from Headquarters, we still strive to continue their neverending mission to unveil the most enjoyable digital entertainment experience to all people all over the world.