CEO Message

At its core, Gamania maintains a spirit of "Love to play", with a focus on fun as the starting point for everything we do. As a company, we are committed to the creation and exploration of interesting content, products and services and sharing those things with the world.

Gamania was founded in 1995 by a group of people with a passion for playing games. Acting as both a publisher for other developers and developing games in-house, we have established a strong foothold in the major Asian territories, with steady and continuous growth of operating profits. In recent years, we have entered the US and European markets, and expanded our portfolio of services to include a multimedia digital entertainment platform, an online payment platform and developing gaming as a professional sport. Through all these efforts, we have made gaming more accessible and a more powerful cultural force.

For Gamania's next stage of growth, we will invest more resources into developing a diverse range of digital entertainment products, with animation and movies being a significant part of that. We will also continue to search out potential places of operation and business partners that dare to dream big. We hope to bring unimaginable joy to all.

Happiness in one of the most indispensable elements of life. Gamania is determined to succeed in the international arena, while retaining our endless supply of creativity, and maintaining the sense of fun that we bring to people around the world in everything we do.